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Client Login

To upload your artwork files to Press Pass Ink use the following FREE WeTransfer.com program.  The WeTransfer program allows you to send up to 2 GB per transfer.

  1. Save your files as a print ready pdf.
  2. If Press Pass Ink needs to modify the files in anyway, please send us your vector layered files.
  3. After we receive the files, you will be provided with either a pdf proof or, if requested, a color proof for final approval.

Send zip files with a maximum upload size of 10MB to your contact at:

Files to Shirley Cleereman:   shirleyc@new.rr.com  Phone: 920-609-3993
Files to Tammy Papineau:   tammy@presspassink.com  Phone: 920-217-6947

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have on your file needs.