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With more than 20 years in the print and production industries, Press Pass Ink knows printing inside and out to give you the inside track on serious value. Our team combines a breadth of knowledge, deep experience, and the latest insights on the newest technologies to provide businesses with unbiased print options that save time and money.

Fundraising ideas

Shirley Cleereman

- Has natural curly hair - No it is not a perm!
- Enjoys photographing her two sons when playing hockey and football
- Has a dog named "Yogi" that is related to "Bo" the President of United States dog

Shirley Cleereman
Phone: 920-609-3993
Fax: 920-321-0069
Email: shirleyc@new.rr.com

Shirley Cleereman

Charity benefits

Tammy Papineau
Print Resource Director

- Has natural straight hair - and yes does get a perm!
- Hoots and hollers at her two daughters basketball and theatre performances
- Met the Skipper from the TV show Gilligan's Island

Tammy Papineau
Phone: 920-217-6947
Fax: 920-321-0069
Email: tammy@presspassink.com

Tammy Papineau at Press Pass Ink